Zacks Small Cap Research Head and Banker Charged with Insider Trading

The broker-dealer division of Chicago-based Zacks Investment Research, has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for failure to supervise staff who traded on non-public material information. The action is a blow to the nascent Reg A research market, where Zacks has been the first and only traditional sell-side broker to offer equity research on Reg A issuers.


After Med-X Suspension is Lifted, SEC Warns Reg A Issuers on Reporting Deadlines

On May 3 the Securities and Exchange Commission sent out letters to companies who had failed to file their 1-K annual reports this year, reminding them they were supposed to file.

The filing, an abbreviated version of the traditional 10-K filed by larger companies, requires audited financial statements and a management report discussing year-to-year performance along with a complete update of the company’s business, ownership and executive staff.