Enumeral Biomedical Raises $21.5M in APO from Montrose Capital, Harris & Harris

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Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc. (ENUM) announced that it has raised $21,549,510 in a Units (Common Stock + Warrants) transaction. The common stock was sold at $1.00 per share. A series of 21,549,510 60-Month Warrants with an exercise price of $2.00 per share was issued to the investors in this transaction. EDI Financial, Inc. acted as the exclusive agent on the transaction. The investors include Montrose Capital Partners and Harris & Harris Group, Inc.. Issuer counsel was Duane Morris, LLP.

Note that concurrently with this Placement, the Company (formerly Cerulean Group, Inc.) completed a reverse merger with Enumeral Biomedical Corporation.

via PlacementTracker.

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