Hype Hangover: Crowdfinance Industry Right-Sizes in Face of Weak Market Demand

The fledging crowdfinance industry is awash with fear and loathing these days. Just below the surface of the hype and evangelism about crowdfunding’s promise to circumvent the old boys’ club of traditional venture capital and allow entrepreneurs to raise capital directly from so-called “Main Street” investors, lies a growing realization that they – the “picks and shovels” makers of this new Gold Rush – may be the only ones excited about the prospect.

Reg A+

March Strongest Month Yet for Reg A Approvals

March was a record month for new Reg A offerings, following a similarly strong February, collectively making the two months the most active period for offering approvals since the Reg A+ reforms went into effect in June 2015.

The SEC approved 15 Reg A filings in March, besting last September’s record...

AltaVista’s Clients Speak Out (Part 3 of 3)

Growth Capitalist interviewed four founders of startups that have filed Reg A offerings this year through AltaVista Capital Markets, a year-old Los Angeles-based firm founded by a securities promoter recently banned from the industry that has been involved in a flurry of recent filings by companies seeking to raise capital via Reg A.